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Packing Blues

I have been sitting on a piece of news for quite sometime now. Very few people know about it – some were informed and some had guessed. It is also the reason why after considering and procrastinating for years, I finally decided to start this blog. I am moving to London for a year.

That brings me to my ‘Packing Blues’. I have packed for some of the vacations with my parents and I have always packed for my terms at boarding school. Yet it never gets any more pleasant, does it? In the last four years N had taken over the tedious job leaving me to enjoy our trips completely. And now I find myself dreading the job that obviously needs to be done. Then there is also this predicament of deciding what to  take and what not to take while maintaining the weight limit put in effect by the airlines.

From what I know about London, all my winter clothes (and being a Bong I have quite a few of those; except for the Bong staple – monkeycap) are definitely coming as are my boots. What else? For those of you who know me, know that style /fashion is not my thing at all. So, I will probably give priority to everything else other than clothes and end up dumping whatever I get my hands on first to fill whatever space I have left in the end. I am definitely carrying my bottle of dalle khursani and some home made spices that will serve me well whenever I feel homesick. And well… that’s where my brain stops working when it comes to packing. Books present another tricky situation… To take or not to take?! Which precious few should make the list? Am scratching my head again…

I think I better go and call N for backup and for some encouragement, else I will never get this thing done.

QOTD: What are the things that you always carry with you on a trip?




Book Reviewer / Publicist / Author Assistant. Born in the City of Joy, I am 30 something years young. I am an avid reader and also a student of Mass Communication & Journalism.

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